because this wordpress refused to upload my pics the other day…so to heck with this….i am posting again to our travelblog site..the same one we used for our european adventure…..the address once again is

well things with the europe trip and this got smashed togetehr….whatever..its there…and a pic…hopefuly more will upload…..there it is…enjoy!!!  will post there from now on

casper wyoming

Well thanks to time changes uts only 6…but its more like 9 for us….casper wyoming has camping for 20 bucks cheapest…screw that…I eefuse..not when flying j has showers and walmart parking lot camping is free…free wins everytime. On to yellowstone tomorrow


prettier on the back roads..i bet on the highway there is nothing….nothing!!  well we camped last night and had a nice relxing time…i would post a pic if the last one didnt show up…and it takes forever..when we have more time ..


anyway till then…already almost into montana…yellowstone tomorrow we hope…so many turtles on the

stopping to buy dinner and throw it in the cooler til this afternoon at a walmart after this then back on the road….getting higher in elevation now….more hills definately….tiny town look like old west towns now….nothing to be seen really still but its still prettier and more relaxing than indiana.

new hub

so we got up early today and went to a few places…one guy even came and looked at it and toldu s the spindle and everything was bad but of course he couldnt help….what bullshit…the spindle is fine it just needed a whole new bearings and hub assembly….found a place that sold trailer parts and got an exact match…..grizz is putting it on now. 


so no worries….it was 31 bucks for all the stuff…not bad..even better…we can do the work ourselves…its so very worth it to have grizz and i able to do our own work…thanks dad!  all those mechanic skills are so damn handy i cant even tell ya….fix your own car…faucet…washer…whatever…its a skill that is used almost daily…and by god im so glad grizz knows this stuff as well…sure not as well as dad but i dont know anyone who does as good as dad…and grizz is the closest ive come.


so hooray..we got the new parts….things are good..and we should be headed out to yellowstone tomorrow.

wheel hub

Hwading out this morning early we saw one wheelhub was busted. We are lucky it went now that we are here at cynthias house. Goodplace to fix it, parts places close. Just needs a new hub, easy to fix if we can find the part. Shouldnt take long if the rusted bolts can ease up. Wd40 should help. Good thing we have the tools packed for easy access.

No worries.


So last nights dinner was at zombie burger, cute place, zombie themed, excellent food. Fun times. Hopefully outta here soon.


Yes, we are in des moines iowa now. Got in late to a friends house. Out to eat and relax for a bit. Had to get a new cotter pin for the trailer, no biggie. Also stopped today at a mall that had bears and wolves, foxes and bobcat and cougar in the mall. Its ok, it for education, and to fund a rehab place. Staying tonight then leaving out early tomorrow for yellowstone. 

just fix it…

still at heiruslaems house…..everything is repacked…stuff we dont need but want to keep is in her garage…will come back next summer we hope…everything we dont need really….is gone….bed has been fixed in the van..he built the platform too high…its perfect now….

now we have room to live and sleep…everyone is napping now and after they get up we will repack it all…heading out tomorrow for a friends house in iowa….we may make it there tomorrow or just camp someplace for the night…from there we head to yellowstone national park..then pompeys pillar ( a natural rock outcrop that has lewis and clark’s names scribed in it as well as indian petroglyphs) and then onto ghost towns in montana and iowa….then on to seattle….whew!!!

feh….staying another night here….cleaning the van and jeep out…repacking things so it actually fits..getting rid of the stuff we really dont need….and skipping lillies war….itll save money and we really wanna visit heirusalem ….once we are done repacking everything we will just head on out to seattle..stopping along the way to camp in state parks and see ghost towns and whatnot along the way…cheaper anyway….